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Jan. 4, 2017


medical plan audit


Successful Collaboration


Want to see a Medical Plan Audit through the eyes of the client, the broker, and the vendor? Check out "Looking Beyond Dollars and Cents: Medical Plan Audits Provide Due Diligence and Peace of Mind." This webinar with Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, Bouchard Insurance, and HMS provides some useful perspective of successful collaboration. Verifying accurate claims processing for both parties provides peace of mind and solidifies the ongoing business relationship between employers with self-funded health plans and insurance carriers.


Do it now.


Do It Now


Dependent eligibility verification can pay off big in 2017. If you picked up new enrollees on your health benefits plan for this year, the Affordable Care Act requires that you enroll new members into medical coverage within 90 days. Learn more from HMS's John Webb and founding father Ben Franklin.


empathy and technology


Empathy and Technology


Technology is great. But what about establishing trust? It’s the human side of the business we keep trying to solve for with technology like Don Quixote with an iPad.  Collaboration, ideation, negotiation, and consensus are what drive us forward and can never be broken down into 0s and 1s. Find out connectivity's importance in healthcare. 

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