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April 5, 2017



Cost Containment Requires a Holistic Approach


The healthcare industry has entered a tumultuous new age filled with changing regulations and new opportunities for growth. But change comes at a cost, and in the U.S., healthcare costs are already topping $3.2 trillion. Gain insight into the holistic approach to healthcare in this webinar replay with HMS CMO Gary Call, MD.



HMS Uncovers Quick Win for Medicaid MCO


When a Special Investigations Unit of a large multi-state Medicaid Managed Care Organization asked HMS for a better way to fight fraud, we responded. This case study uncovers how HMS identified $12.2 million in actionable fraud, waste, and abuse cases within six months.



Care Traffic Control Drives Interaction


Care navigators can spend more time with their patients and members, rather than documenting in, and satisfying, the IT systems. This blog by HMS Senior Vice President Andy Gaudette provides insight into the care traffic control platform.

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