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Jan. 6, 2017


compound drug fraud


Combat Compound Drug Fraud


The cost of compound pharmaceuticals continues to skyrocket – as much as 18 times what it was just three years ago. Our healthcare system has left the door open for these high price tags and for the unscrupulous to prey on the vulnerable with “miracle cures” or useless dietary supplements. The schemes are endless, with significant risks to patients and their loved ones, even resulting in death. Learn more in this white paper: "Curbing the Cost of Compound Drug Fraud: Combat Negative Consequences with Data Analytics."


total progress liability


Total Progress Liability


HMS keeps finding new ways to identify and recover on claims that should have been paid by someone else for state agencies and Medicaid Managed Care Organizations. We’ve been innovating like this for more than four decades. Discover why some might start calling TPL "Total Progress Liability."


empathy and technology


Empathy and Technology


Technology is great. But what about establishing trust? It’s the human side of the business we keep trying to solve for with technology like Don Quixote with an iPad. Collaboration, ideation, negotiation, and consensus are what drive us forward and can never be broken down into 0s and 1s. Find out connectivity's importance in healthcare. 

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